Eating Lunch with Bosses

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Discussing the up and coming video for the "Don't Start" single with Dr. COURI over Lunch. Jay Jansen and Brother sitting across from us. His brother plays in symphony all around the world. Instrtument the Trombone.

Donald Trump Tricked Em

Raw Hit Entertainment Presents " Donald Trump Tricked Em" with the Return of Dot Bill aka Tutuh Aka MU

The Movement that is Rocking the Globe!!!

War Element H20 is available is stores Now on Amazon, Google Play and more. H20 came before the light and is one of the most mysterious elements known to man.

War- World Premiere music video "Me"

"Me" is the Single off the War Element Fire Album....Sponsored by Royal Fire Champagne

Glock Gitty- Hit Single "Glock on the Floor" (Audio Heroin)

Audio Heroin Coming soon!!!

My Dawgs very troublesome

Hit single off the War Element Fire Album feat. B.C.

#TheWarRoom: #Reports War Element H20 ad campaign Liquid, Soild, Gas 3 Singles forms is the way he will deliver this Water Element to the Masses.

War Element H20 single "Greatness" (Liquid)

Paparazzi Night "Club Envy" Sept 4th Raw Hit Presents "Royal Fire" Champagne and " Water to Wine"

War Element H20 single "Greatness" has been unleashed. The Flood is coming!!

Aug. 23, 2016


War Warith Rahim Muhammad aka ' War ' The tough streets of Oakland's bay area is the rich backdrop which sets the tone and script for the artist known as “War”. After relocating to the Midwest, his style in the urban art of hip hop came to full form. The combination of his unique lyrical style and focus on science - mixed with social and political relevance taps listeners with music that he calls “God's Music”. War also flips the letters in his name around in his alias to call his production company Raw Hit Entertainment. As his career has gained momentum, he began opening for such acts as Ginuwine and Boyz ll Men, as well as being in The Source Magazine's Unsigned Hype Hip Hop Artist Showcase. Using blazing hot music from his Grammy nominated production team, wrapped around smart sharp lyrical content, War's new project called “ War's Elements “ adds a different twist to the current hip hop establishment. War's delivery elevates the music far beyond the noisy, busy hip hop sound.

Aug. 23, 2016

The War Room

Live "Interviews" with War about politics, religion, and the Industry is coming soon to The War Room.

Aug. 28, 2016

"Greatness" The Hit single off War Element H20

Availabale On Itunes Now.

King regards


Raw Hit Entertainment

Gods Music (Genre)

War Element Fire In Stores now